Suunto Launches NEW Ocean Dive Computer / Sports Watch

Suunto Launches NEW Ocean Dive Computer / Sports Watch


What if your sports watch could replace your dive computer?

Well, Suunto is making this possible for you with their new Suunto Ocean dive computer. This high-tech device is designed for scuba divers, technical divers, freedivers, and snorkelers.

This watch is packed with advanced features that enhance your diving experience and support your everyday life. The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer is your perfect companion for underwater adventures. It has a large high-resolution vibrant colour display, various dive modes, and tracks your fitness.

Is Suunto Ocean a Good Dive Computer?

Suunto is a standout name in the world of dive computers. Divers worldwide trust Suunto dive computers and gauges for their reliability and precision and this sports watch is no exception.

The device has many useful features for divers, such as monitoring tank pressure, gas consumption, and calculating remaining gas time. It is a must-have tool for any diver. Whether you're exploring new depths or tracking your fitness goals, the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer delivers exceptional performance.

Advanced Features for All Divers

This sports watch cum dive computer from Suunto caters to all types of divers. It includes multiple dive modes, such as air, nitrox, and multigas, enabling customization for different diving needs. The device offers essential dive information like depth, dive time, ascent rate, and tank pressure. Audible and vibrating alarms ensure you stay updated on crucial metrics effortlessly.

Seamless Connectivity and Software Updates

The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer keeps you connected and up-to-date with its Bluetooth connectivity and cloud updates. Sync your dive data through the Suunto app, and stay on top of your fitness tracking with compatibility for platforms like Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Endomondo. Automatic software updates guarantee your device operates smoothly with the latest features.

Unmatched Display and Build Quality

Featuring a large, vivid screen, the Suunto Ocean is clear in all conditions. Its rugged construction with sapphire glass and a stainless steel bezel ensures durability, resisting scratches and water up to 100 metres deep. The silicone strap and customizable watch faces add both comfort and style, making it suitable for diving and everyday use.

Comprehensive Fitness Tracking

The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer Sports Watch is a great fitness tracker in addition to being a diving watch. It has a blood oxygen sensor, step counter, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, and calorie burn tracker. These functions give you thorough insights into your general well-being while assisting you in keeping an eye on your fitness and health. The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer keeps you informed and motivated whether you're working out or diving.

Superior Battery Life and Performance

A key highlight of this dive computer/ sports watch is its remarkable battery life. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows for multiple dives on a single charge, and the efficient power management system prolongs the device's lifespan. You can rely on your Suunto Ocean Dive Computer for extended dives and trips without battery concerns.

How often do you need to service Suunto Ocean?

"Under normal circumstances, the watch does not require servicing. On a regular basis, rinse it with fresh water, mild soap, and carefully clean the housing with a moist, soft cloth or chamois."

These words are exactly copied from Suunto's website. Normally, Suunto recommends servicing dive computers every 2 years or every 200 dives. However, different rules seem to work for Suunto Ocean.

Comprehensive Dive Information

Suunto Ocean delivers in-depth decompression dive data, helping you plan and conduct your dives safely. Equipped with a digital compass and altimeter, it enhances your navigation, while the barometer keeps you informed of atmospheric conditions. The watch includes functionalities like running power, ascent and descent speed measurements, and various sports modes for all your adventures.

Versatile Dive Modes

This dive computer is packed with versatile dive modes to suit every diver's needs. The single gas mode is good for simple dives, and the multigas presets help technical divers plan their dives accurately.

Throughout your dive, staying informed will be made easier with the Suunto tank pod pressure monitoring and vibration and audio alerts. Your time spent underwater will be safer and more pleasurable as a result. When the pressure changes, the alarms will let you know so you may take the appropriate safety measures. You can concentrate on having fun underwater if you keep yourself informed about critical dive information.

Comparison with Shearwater Teric

When compared to the Shearwater Teric, the Suunto Ocean holds its own with a comprehensive set of features and robust performance. The large AMOLED screen display, intuitive user interface, and extensive connectivity options make it a formidable competitor in the dive computer market. The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer has all you need for a successful dive, whether you're new or experienced in diving.

The Ultimate Dive Companion

For divers of all skill levels, Suunto Ocean is the ideal companion. It stands out from the competition thanks to its sophisticated features, sturdy construction, and extensive fitness tracking. Every underwater enthusiast's needs are met by the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer, which is suitable for recreational scuba divers as well as technical and freed divers.

Looking to buy Suunto Ocean & other amazing dive computers?

Dive Newcastle knows how important it is to have cutting-edge, dependable gear for your underwater explorations. Suunto Ocean, with its array of features that meet the needs of every diver, is an example of innovation and accuracy.

Featuring a robust design, top-quality display, and straightforward communication features, this dive watch computer promises an exceptional diving experience. Suunto Ocean is perfect for leading you on exciting new underwater journeys and future discoveries. Explore Dive Newcastle's selection to find the ideal dive computer for your next trip.