Choosing a Snorkel [GUIDE]

Choosing a Snorkel [GUIDE]


In the thrilling world of snorkelling and scuba diving, the right equipment is your key to unlocking a comfortable, safe, and exciting adventure. A prime piece of this gear is the snorkel, facilitating your ability to breathe effortlessly while snorkelling.

Benefits of Owning a Snorkel

Embarking on your underwater exploration with the best equipment in your possession comes with numerous benefits. A functional snorkel that suits the type of snorkelling you are doing ensures comfort, a seamless experience, and above all, safety. Opting to buy snorkelling gear rather than renting every time means you'll always have well-fitted, personalised equipment on hand that suits your preferences.

How to Choose the Right Snorkel: Key Factors to Consider

Navigating through an array of products on the market can be daunting. This section aims to streamline your decision-making process when choosing the ideal snorkel.

Material: An essential factor to consider is the material. Typically, the tube section is made of hard or soft plastic, while silicone is utilised for the bendable tube sections and the mouthpiece for maximum comfort. 

These materials are very robust, and in addition if you wash your equipment in fresh water after using it then you can extend the lifespan of your snorkelling equipment.

Dry Top: This feature prevents water from entering the snorkel when submerged, facilitating the easy clearing of your snorkel upon resurfacing.

Splash Guard: This feature simultaneously deflects waves and splashes during surface snorkelling. It's particularly beneficial in choppy waters to stop water entering the tube so you are not having to continuously clear your snorkel.

Purge Valve: This feature is located near the mouthpiece and serves as a one-way valve that permits water expulsion from the snorkel with a quick exhale. Ideal for snorkelling novices, the purge valve simplifies water clearance from the tube.

Tube Design: The tube's shape and size also play a significant role. While a larger diameter tube provides easy breathing, a smaller diameter tube can be more comfortable and easier to clear for smaller users – women and kids. Some snorkels incorporate angled upper tubes that conform to your head contour and assist in streamlining your shape in the water, and fixed angled lower tubes to alleviate jaw fatigue during extended periods snorkelling.

Mouthpiece: This is the part of the snorkel that goes into your mouth. It should be durable, comfortable and provide a secure fit. Silicone is typically the preferred material for mouthpieces due to its comfort factor.

Brand: Lastly, the brand's reputation is essential when selecting a snorkel. Top-tier brands such as Neptune, Cressi, Mares, and ScubaPro have amassed trust for their quality products in the diving community.

Other Snorkelling Equipment You Need To Consider

Aside from your snorkel, you might also want to consider investing in other essential snorkelling equipment. These include a high-quality mask for clear, leak-free vision underwater, swim fins for efficient movement in the water, and a rash guard or wetsuit for thermal protection.

Where to Buy Your Snorkelling Gear?

Choosing the right snorkel entails an analysis of several factors, including the material, dry top, purge valve, tube design, and mouthpiece. After careful consideration and opting for a trustworthy brand, you can ensure an enjoyable snorkelling or scuba diving experience.

As your dive experts at Dive Newcastle, we're here to guide you through the process. Come and visit us, or check out our extensive range online at Dive Newcastle. We're ready to assist you in your underwater journey with the best gear available.